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//I was going to do ask responses but then I suddenly had the motivation to draw Arctic Warfare Ashe.

//And well.

//YES I KNOW… BUT I GOT REALLY INSPIRED-ISH BY THE ARCTIC OPS VARUS AND SO THIS HAPPENED. This is actually an old sketch I cleaned up. She now looks like quite the Lara Croft Ashe, I guess living up to my little nickname;; I GUESS THIS WOULD BE AN AU WHERE SHE DIDN’T GET ICE POWERS SO THEREFORE SHE IS BLONDE.

//Also EVERYONE on stream demanded that I draw P.Quinn-Mun in the background for some reason, so there is a Dani poro there for you all.

//A stupid amount of unnecessary detail went into it, so here’s a download link if anyone cares to see it. ; v ;

//reblogging for day crew

She looks like Sarah from Starcraft. Before she became Kerrigan.


Caracal also known as desert lynx, can survive for long periods without water. Their ears are larger than other big cats, allowing them to navigate preys and escape danger better. They are known for their bird-catching abilities and because of their good sense of hearing they can easily detect birds flying, even birds with specially adapted feathers for silent flight like owl. Altogether, with their long legs and big paws they can leap up into the air to successfully catch their prey.

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